Supplies for Class

1. Moribana Vase: — Shallow, wide, flat-bottomed, ceramic or glass container; non-decorative. Approx. 12″ D. Round, rectangular, square. *

2. Nageire Vase: — Tall, straight-sided, narrow cylinder, ceramic; non-decorative. High-fired. Approx. 12” H x 3-1/2” W. *

3. Kenzan (‘pin frog’) — High-quality, Japanese-made. Approx 4” diameter.*

4. Ikebana Scissors — High-quality, Japanese-made. *

5. Bowl – Small, with wide mouth, that can hold 2-3 cups of water

6. Towel — Terrycloth kitchen towel

7. Pitcher — Tall, cylinder-style to hold your flower materials

8. Notebook

RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED: Textbook for beginning Sogetsu Ikebana.*

NOTE: Scissors and kenzans cost $30-35 each. Vase prices vary, with ceramic models costing approximately $45-50+ each. See Resources for supply sources.

* Ikebana supplies and the textbook can also be purchased from your instructor. Click here to place your order in advance.

Other Important Things to Bring to Your Lesson:

Your love of flowers,

Your sense of beauty,

Your desire to learn,

Your patience,

A sense of humor, and

An open mind.