Learning Ikebana

What You Learn in Nancy’s Beginner Class:

Your 4-lesson course will introduce you to the basic principles of contemporary Sogetsu ikebana, good material combinations, and freshness preservation.  From a design standpoint, you’ll learn about composing line-and-mass; about creating visual rhythm; about contrasting sparsity and density in your design.  Also, you’ll learn the techniques of using a kenzan (‘pin frog’) to support materials in a moribana arrangement, and the basic methods of stabilizing materials in a nageire arrangement.

It’s progressive learning, with each lesson building on what was learned in the previous lesson.  Please attend each lesson, so your progress keeps pace with the other class members.  No make-up lessons will be provided.

Like all art forms, the exquisite art of ikebana is an endless study.  Hopefully, your experience in this introductory class will inspire you to further pursue this art.

What You Do in Class:

You will create a beautiful fresh arrangement during each lesson, applying the specific technique(s) introduced during that lesson.  All of your flower and plant materials will be provided by the instructor.

Each lesson includes:

1. Explanation of design principle(s) and technique(s)

2. Demonstration by instructor

3. Arrangements created by students

4. Critique of each student’s arrangement

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